6 comments on “Vehicle Profile:

  1. That looks great! Anyone know how using Cobra Stickers replacements affect the value of vehicles? There are definitely vehicles I’d like to clean up, but haven’t because I do not want to adversely affect value from using the stickers.

    • Hmm. That’s a good question. I would think that if you know you are going to sell, then stick with the original stickers. I know every GI Joe collector has their own preferences but I would imagine that original parts/stickers would be appreciated overall.

  2. That is a really good restoration job I like the sound of that 303 liquid you use not sure what that would be here in England…….

    I recenlty restored a couple of bits- Action Force related, I am still learning but really enjoy I wanted to link to them on my site but the server is down maybe I will post them later if you allow them?

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