3 comments on “As It Stands

  1. You never pull straight up! The key with the classic stand was a gentle twist pull motion, espesially with those figures whose heel-holes were slightly off in diameter. I’m not sure if they used a heated slug to put the holes in, or if they were drilled, or just part of the mold. Each method is susceptible to

    An interesting thing I recall from back then was that the classic stands varied in the plastic used. The earliest army green ones were pretty stiff, but had just enough pliability that you could tell when you put too much force on it. The brown ones, were a shinier plastic and I think they were more brittle, and would snap off without warning. The other kind I recall were a forest green, and felt a bit more rubbery and the pegs were somewhere between the brown and army green ones.

    I’m trying to remember if there was an accessory pack with grey stands. I’ll see if I have any when I get some time to do the (many) o-ring replacements I need to do.

  2. When I googled for “Protech Stands Vs. SmallJoes Stands” I was hoping you would actually get to the bottom of this. 😦 I am seriously trying to find some good stands for both my vintage Joes and Star Wars. I’m looking for atleast 500+ clear stands for my display cases/shelves. Please let me know if you do a follow up article and find that perfect stand!

    Instagram Toy Account: h5os_toys

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